Monday, September 12, 2011

A rather freaky project...

There had been so many churces to visit and take pictures of, and chapels and candles and holy figures and so much seriousness, so I was looking for a project. I had no idea about what. One day on my way to Aghios Rafael, I just saw something strange, while driving my motorbike. A modern bus (OK, everything is relative...) right in the middle of a field!!!! Who puts a bus in a place like that? Who even gives it a thought and for what purpose? Lesvians!
Ha, and I found another one the week after. Then I asked all the taxi drivers I know, to tell me if they found another bus in a similar "situation". Did they or did I? You will see... meanwhile, enjoy "allez et retour"! Only on Lesvos...
In the middle of a farmer's field...seen from the highway!
Came a bit closer and found this!

The other side of the bus. The way a bus should look like.

A bit schizoid with it's double personality...
I got the feeling that the driver might be out for a coffee or something and would soon be back!

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