Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A different kind of workplace. Not for the pedantic...

Sometimes, it can look as if a desert storm had passed through the house. 
In 15 minutes, it can look clean and nice. I promise. 
I like it to be as if somebody really lives in the house. Doing lots of things.
I very much do....  

Absolute necessity in life

Poetry, dictionary, novels, note books, but who the hell put an Angela Carter book there?

From bottom floor terrace. An Energizer!

I like candles even in day light work

Not very Greek interior decoration, but after all, I am only Greek at heart!
Work site and also place for a siesta

Pilates and a busy chair!

All I need

Views from upper floor terrace. Photo of morning limelight
From "A room with a view"


  1. My friend, i have understood a long time ago that you "possess" a "greek heart"...but from the photos you have posted it looks like you have fully adopted greek attitude...

    What happened to the swedish discipline and organization (i am refering to the clothes being spread everywhere!!!)???

    On the other hand maybe i am wrong. Its propably a gender thing rather than nationality:)))


  2. Nice house by the way...


  3. Always opened for friends! Just knock on the door!