Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take it to you, the unexpected....

 Stop! And please consider something! Only on Lesvos! Driving the main road after Petra and the gas station there on the right hand side and if you know it, look up to the left. Right into that lovely olive
growth with buildt out stone terraces, I had been told there was something special. The local who told me was not so impressed, but I was. Imprints take special roads sometimes. I saw something vaguley light blue, deep into the growth and the front of a coach peeked through on me. How can anyone and with which purpose, put a coach in the middle of an olive growth? How did they get it up there and why save it? It cannot just be for the love of a coach! Or is it? That is why I am looking for coaches everywhere. For the mystery itself. A story that is not making big head lines. Not even in the most local of papers. But at least in my mind. I just love it. The first was out on a big field in the nowhere and here, hidden among the trees.  Just look at that number 26 coach. Just a stop, letting off and taking on passengers. I love the unexpected! It keeps the child within me alive....

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  1. I had a chuckle to myself when reading this,I to have noticed the bus in the olive Grove and wondered why how it got there,a mystery xx