Tuesday, September 20, 2011

From morning to night... Chapter 1, Summer

Ο Γιάννης Πιτσούλης! Κεφάλαιο 1 

Back to Yannis again. You have seen him before. I made a brief presentation of him. Promised to come back with two chapters about him. This is the first. The time when most non Greeks meet Yannis. I had made an appointment with him. But he did not know about it. I stopped him on is way to the kitchen, while I was sitting by a table with a sharpened pen. "I am sorry, Torsten, but I have to start right away, but I can give you 15 minutes". Thank you. I was prepared. I needed his daily work schedule. He had a coffee and told me how it was.
08.30 Wake up. 09.00 to the restaurant, Tropicana. Heat up the ovens for the day. Prepare breakfast for guests. Clean up and prepare for lunch to be served. Preparations for dinner. Leave taverna and go for swimming from 17.00-18.45. At 19.00 back to taverna again. First guests have already arrived. Work till 02.00 in the morning before all guests have left and kitchen fixed and taverna closed. From early May till closing time for the summer around Oct 15th. A little bit more "free" time before the hectic part of the tourist season starts and afterwards, but an approximate average of 15 hours of hard work, day in and day out during the peak period. 
Meet Γιάννης Pitsóόλης! Superman? No, but another hard working Greek and a great guy....  
Going through the work day with me.
...while having a cup of coffee
Part of the working environment

Had to put this in. We went to see some of the land that belongs to the family.
 "I hate him. He bites me. He does not do what I tell him to do"!
Yoga land on the family´s property. Sabine and Christos himself.

Water from the well and then back to work. Sorry, Yannis, that we stole your time!

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