Monday, September 19, 2011

Speechless divinity...

It made me speechless for an hour or so. The "new" Αγιος Νικόλαος in Petra. The restoration of the ceiling is finished and the "ship" is extended with 90 cms. Somebody told me. It just happened. It is still with me. Only on Lesvos...


Brothers in a way

Fingertip feeling

The Boss

My world outside

Many to ligth candles for. Every day.


  1. A little bit irrelevant but worth reading..

  2. I have been in this beautiful church well worth the visit !!! Tranquil,peaceful wort a few minutes contemplation.

  3. Thanks for comments! Always appreciated! Curious about what was irrelevant but worth reading, if I may ask.

  4. The links were irrelevant to the pictures posted.

    But its interesting for me to observe how people that are not greek, apprehend greek reality!
    Thats why i am here :).
    I enjoy looking at greece from your point of view...

  5. It is always interesting to read comments from a person who prefers to call him/her Anonymous, instead of coming out of the shade, but I enjoy that you look at Greece my way!

  6. Anonymity is a kind of "shade" in the internet.

    But do not interpret the word "shade" in a strict "dark or evil" manner (there is nothing to hide), but the greek way: "as a place to get protection from the sun"

    PS: i am st and i am a "him"
    check your email