Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Lesvos, island of polarities...

It is hardly possile to imagine that an island can show such differences and varieties in sceneries! 
I have made the trip to Sígri, on the very south west coast line, from the north of the island, so many times I can hardly count them and continue to go there! 
After a visit to the Monastery of Perivolís, (shown in an earlier blog), the landscape dramatically change from dense and green forests to a moon-like landscape, where all the colors change into varities of yellow, brown and sparsely green! This area is millions of years old and from a volcanic period of the life of the island!
I make this tour every year, at least once! The experience is fantastic, I think. You pass many small towns with their platías and it is ideal for a coffea on the way!
It is not a pyramid you see on the first picture, but the Monastery of Ypsilou, built in 1101 and earlier with 3.000 steps to walk up to the Monastery. No longer so (Thank you, Lord!!!) but a well built road and with incredible views. The light was so intense and harsh that day, that it was difficult to really find the right exposure in that kind of environment! 
My pathfinder friend Rolf is in his thoughts, before we continue to Sigri itself, a place worth visiting for many reasons and one because of the taverna The Golden key, where Rolf can have his annual Octapódi sto krasí, Octopus in wine sauce. (I prefer a langoustine as main course). And an ouzo for a change for lunch! And not to forget to greet Periklís, a modest name for a seagull, who does have a relation to the owner of the taverna! 
Afterwards, a swim along the nice beach of Sigri, a nap of course and then back along the coast!
This is but one example of a hundred different excursions I take on this island, that never stops making me surprised and excited... Above, the profile of Monastery Ypsilou...

View from the road approaching Sígri

Thinking, watching. Talk about a moon-like landscape!

Well worth a visit

Rolf´s specialty. Not mine.

The wonderful taverna terrace with the Venetian castro in the background. 


A swim and a nap before the return

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