Friday, October 7, 2011

Brothers in incentive for the weekend...

In 1979, Elytis got the Nobel Prize in Literature and this year Tomas Tranströmer. On the same table was also last year's winner, Mario Vargas Lllosa. Three men who bring Peace in soul and mind! Axión Estí, the edition here, I bought in 1982, and it was some kind of trembling feeling to open it and remember how many imprints this book has engraved inside of me. One of my Lesvos relations! 
I have one of Tranströmers collected poems in Molivos and one where i am now. An imprint for life.

We have "regular wars" everywhere and we have financial wars all ove the place. When will we have time for Peace and Tranquility, food and Ouzo and long talks into the night?
We cannot live without it...
Wisdom and Consolation
A crowded window. With aesthetic things!

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