Saturday, October 8, 2011

The other side of the coin...

A fire is on, in the dry land of our fields. This is both a Lesvian and a Greek tragedy. Made by a man/woman who has a strong need to soother his/hers inner anxiety. It is based on a psychic deviation, a personality disturbance, through a compulsive urge to build fires and to be there and watch it all. Some pyromaniacs have an urge to do it repeatedly, to soothe the anxiety, some periodically, 
when a certain stress sets in! But there is a difference between a pyromaniac and a person who sets things on fire, more and often based on revenge, anger, greed and to be seen! So, there are very few purely defined pyromaniacs. Sorry for the lecture!
A good friend just had a fire behind the house and one thing that really scares, is the unpredictability of this person. Where will he/she show up next time?
There are ways to catch him, but it does not seem to have been told to all those who are engaged in helping out. It is the forth or fifth year now! You cannot just rely upon the clever few from the fire brigade. We are many who need to help out!!! Whatever, whenever, it is so sad and a spot I want to erase....

Big fire. Photo from house terrace!

Diffucult to conquer

A neighbor on parquet

From the Sea and the belly full of salty water

Back for refill

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