Thursday, October 6, 2011

Not a wishlist to Santa Claus....

Varietis on Lesvos for me, I have found out, is about life in miniature. Joy, Sorrow and Anger... 
It is not possible to be in the future. Not even here. We can wish good things to happen, but we never know. To be in the past is not too exciting. It is already gone. It is in the now, when I can do things to help the future bring a bit of peace and tranquility, even if there is never a guarantee. Lesvos is a real helper in this.  That is what I did with what is still within me, my walk to Mandamados. The purpose was to find a reply to an urgent problem 
that needed an answer urgently! 
Now is another Now. So, I grabbed the pen in the church and found the wishlist to Taxiarchis. 
White and without a spot. 
I am trying to remember what I asked him for and now I can recall it. 
I keep most of it as a secret between him and me. 
But it had to do with joy and happiness for all those I care for. 
Both Friend and Foe. Here on the island, as well as everywhere else.
And a rising sun for Greece...

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