Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A pilgrimage, for real, in a double sense... a bit of a long story....

It is some time ago, but feels like yesterday. Just around this time. Times were not the best. not to say bad. I had a cancer. Had been to several of doctor friends I happen to have, all surgeons, and all with opinions of classic surgery, robot surgery or radiation. Which would be the best method to get rid of a strange and hostile creature inside of me? Many opinions, but had already skipped robot surgery! Like a close surgeon friend of mine said, "the robot only does what the surgeon tells it to do, so you have better be sure who is behind the robot knife. Torsten, there are many happy surgeons, choose the one who knows what normal scalpels are for"! 
I decided to talk to my friend Timolis in my village as well. Another kind of doctor! "Go to Taxiarchis and ask. You will have the reply inside of you and he might be able to help"! It did not have anything to do with a reilgious belief, more of a spiritual calmness. So, I walked. In that no man's land up into the woods before the village of Eftalou, very early, peaceful on the verge of aching silence and very, very lonely! But Lesvos nature was friendly to me. I was at ease! 
Dirt roads and on paths, and up to the main road passing all the villages on the way to Mandamados. I stopped twice only. 5 hours and 15 minutes later, I reached Mandamados. A deep experience! I made the mistake of having Loukoumades and frappĂ© before I went into church and I was banned by friends afterwards, but at least Taxiarchis never punished me. To make a long story at least a bit short, it was a heavy imprint on me, and I got my answer and was operated on by a world famous surgeon who made a master piece of surgery and "you are still alive and kicking", I say when I sometimes talk to myself in the bath room mirror. 
And I will stay on Lesvos for many more years...  
But just a few pictures of this no man's land. There are hundreds more.

They just give me a dimension of loneliness

How insignificant we are in this nature around

Road leading where?

He stopped on the way

An old friend I met up there

Road of Life

One of two rest stops. A banana and some water.

I talked to them without much of a reply.

The big man himself
Someone remembering a loved one

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