Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Psiriára, mon amour...

I cannot count all the times I have been on this beach. Since the times of my daughter's childhood and my own first careful steps with shoes taken off, approaching the clear water on calm days or simpy take a walk like this day and took these photos. When I think about other beaches I have been to in the world, Psiriára does not seem like anything I would write home about, but there is a magic light and sound over this area and especially at this time of the year, when most people have other things to but to unfold a beach umbrella. I feel that the sea and the many sounds of it, give me reminiscences of where we once came from, a very long time ago. Winter-Wonderland in Lesvos, imprints each and every day....

Velvet sand with spread out pearls

I live by the same water like anyone else

Psiriára has many faces, depending on water and wind 

The water's edge

Silvery sea and the green to come

Like a still life


  1. My favourite place to be all year round. Lovely blog today Torsten!