Friday, April 27, 2012

The CONTINUATION. Meet Gannis Pitsoúlis, farmer, chef, father and friend......

It is at daybreak. Morning routine for Giannis and his father Konstantinos.
Milking 150 sheep twice a day. Feeding the pigs and chicken and the
important cleaning of all stables. I really feel like the "tourist" I am.
Nevertheless, I am grateful for our long talks, Yannis. That you have the patience
with me.

I had to stay aside. The sheep get worried by strangers. Here lining up for milking hands. Mothers and daughters.

Daddy Konstantínos has done this before. Nothing special to any of the two, but they are worried and a bit angry over prices they get for the milk, hardly covering costs. It is a bit crowded inside. They are patient and they spread an obvious sense of calm to the anxious sheep.  

A back light morning. Creeping sunlight across the hills in all variations of green. I can only hear the sound of bells.

"You want to see the pigs? It stinks there. But they love to be in all this shit and mud."
It is not the first time I visit a pigsty and it does stink and the pigs are happily grunting
and wagging their "tails".
I think I will have chicken tonight for dinner.  

Clean like a polished floor afterwards. Sheep are back in their pastoral environment.
We are ready to go and have breakfast. 

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