Thursday, July 11, 2013

It is good to meet own prejudices...

There are always new places around the corner. Wherever I am.
It is often a matter of pure curiosity. 
I need to stop and see and watch and reflect,
because experiences do not come for free.
I like to go to the south of the island. It is like coming to another planet.
Vast woods, high mountains, spectacular gorges and another air to breathe. 
Rather high up there is the village of Agiássos. Have always thought of it as a bit commercial,
with simply too much of the same ceramics.
When Pathfinder Rolf and I were there recently, I completely changed my mind.
Perhaps because of the Lady Stratoúla, whom we met while she was sitting in her shop, 
painting plates and vases and oil lamps, coming all from her own making.
An intimate village, a bit on the sleepy side, but kind, lively and inviting.
I will soon be back and even stay overnight. Be there and take in.
Frappé miracle time.

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