Friday, August 30, 2013

Cooking for a lifetime...'s the people that makes a place. I find that the truth wherever I am. Here there are many.
In "my" village, I would literally not survive without Leftéris, a character of his own,
where personal integrity is not negotiable, nor is his warmth as a friend. 
Cooking skills, I feel, come as pure talent and I have since long lost all adjectives to thank him
for the way he treats a fish in a pan or on the grill. 
During one of our regular talks, he tells me he finished school  "a bit too early" and went to sea  and the fisherman's hard work for eleven years, before going ashore to practice cooking. "I like to cook", is a straight and simple way of motivating a choice for a lifetime.
In 2008, and I remember it well, he and and his brother Antónis opened Taverna Alonia, and I bless you both for doing that. It has become my dining room and for obvious reasons.
I am following you in your daily work, Leftéris...




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