Sunday, September 1, 2013

Handled with care...

...I hang around that kitchen quite often and perhaps too often.
Sometimes in the way of a running brother Antónis and I apologize a lot. 
Like to be there before the crowd is arriving. Having nice chats while he is at work,
watching his way of treating the word of simplicity. Just like his gentle mood.


  1. Good Morning, It is often said " The way to a Man's heart , is through his stomach ! So We can safely say Torsten ' You've been Well & Truly hooked"!! ! Bravo x

  2. Ooops ! Regards Emma x

  3. Thanks, but that saying usually goes for a woman's way of capturing a man! We have other things in common :-)

  4. I'm sure You do ! I was just hoping to bring a smile, that was all x It's really nice You share their times. Helps ease the distance until My return x Thank You Emma x