Saturday, September 3, 2011

Imprints for ever....

Children come in all shapes and sizes and age! All here are from the island, a few more or less, but being Lesvian enough. Only one exception, the child torso from a museum in Madrid, but she expressed so much to me that I had to bring her with me. Every day, I dare say, do I meet children of my friends here. These are but just a few!
I try as much as possible to listen to them and learn, in any kind of way! What is so important? Because the day we stop listening and learning from them, including the sound of a yawning puppy, we lose ourselves and the child within us. Children, never mind their age, will always teach us and remind us about who we once were. They represent our own identity. The one we founded once, when we were kids with the help of others. Both with good and vulnerable results.
I feel sooo priviliged that I have so many friends with children here on the island, who all help me never to lose contact with the child within me....not the least my own daughter, who no longer is a child in that normal sense, but who always make me remember....

She keeps me on my toes. 

Do you remember?

There are babies and babies...

Eyes of joy

Secrets=confidence=Something you have to deserve to get...

Whose son is this? Watch out girls!

In Molivos since you were 2 years young...You ARE the best!


Full of confidence already, Sabine's daughter

A character already

I have stopped calling him Kostaki! (Iphone, sorry Kostas)

Miss Self Confidence

I wonder what will happen to this young man, with all those ideas of his own!
A blurry picture, but saved it of obvious reasons. Curiosity and gossiping start early, right?

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