Monday, September 5, 2011

Lesvos "Relaxation Week".... and caring for others...

Monday again! Planning for the week! What to do and what not to do! Thank you Lesvian Highway Sheep for the help of making a decision! I will work, but only do the very necessary and the rest of the time, I will relax. Just what these sheep were doing!
I will just breathe the air of this island, take walks in between and chat with friends I meet and never to forget to care for others! I have learnt a lot on this island during the years, on my own and with clients, about how the environment can help you become so much more efficient and not use emotional energy on details that need not be paid attention to.
It took me ten minutes one day to turn the "engine" off. From stress to tranquility! Surrounded by hundreds of sheep, who did exactly what they felt like doing! On the first photo, I caught just the very first of a loooooong row of furry animals and it just never stopped. One hour later the traffic was moving again. On the main highway along the island's north east coast to Mytilini... 

The top of the line

Resting in the shade

Lesvian Highway Sheep Boss
Safe and sound

I will light candles for those I care for in a few of all the chapels the island offers.
And I will light one for myself as well...

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